14 March 2012

artificial trees + carbon capture

A professor at Columbia University has developed artificial “trees” that could be used to absorb CO2 out of the atmosphere. The design of these machines may not be directly influenced by natural trees, but the idea of removing carbon dioxide from the air and transforming it into a usable material for agriculture is interesting. This closed-loop process could be used in heavily industrial areas where excessive CO2 is a problem. See an article here: http://thisbigcity.net/are-artificial-trees-the-answer-for-carbon-capture/

While this is an innovative thought, I fear that it’s just a quick solution to a much larger issue. Instead of sticking a bandage on the issue of CO2 emissions by making fake trees, why don’t we try to decrease those emissions instead?

-Elaine Erwin

1 comment:

  1. interesting innovation!
    perhaps a combination of both :fake trees to absorb excessive CO2 + regulating the emissions might work.
    But it all depends on the manufacturing of these fake trees, shouldn't be the case, where we end up emitting more in its manufacturing and sustenance than its output.

    Its tough not to come out with ecological solutions which are not double-edged.

    Thanks for sharing!