15 March 2012

Slile Mould Strikes Again...

Our dear Slime Mould!

Here is an other example of the use of Slime Mould in transportation design in the US.

  I think the videos do most of the explaining. Slime mould, as we know, scouts for food sources by growing tendrils. Once it's created a spider web-like network of tendrils, the mold maintains and strengthens whichever tendrils take the most direct or efficient paths to the food and withdraws the rest. So, how does this relate to the greening of America's transportation? Well, researchers in the UK have already used the slime mold to create living maps of local roads and railways. We also have the example during the week 2 lecture of Tokyo's subway design. What they found is that, without help from the researchers, the slime molds mimicked a good part of the actual road systems in the country.

So, in the future, maybe, slime molds combined with computer models could help make new transportation networks more efficient, easing congestion.

Let's take a look at some amazing simulations about this: here are the links



Sources: http://www.green.autoblog.com


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