13 April 2012

How to prevent water loss?

Lichens have the answer! 

The fungal skin of lichens prevents water loss to the algae below via its dense compacted thread structure.
Lichens develop minuscule branches and grow into dense curling thickets a few inches high.
Their outer skin is formed by the compacted threads of the fungi and is sufficiently impermeable to prevent the loss of water from the partnership; beneath are the algal cells, kept moist and protected from harmful ultra-violet radiation by the fungal skin; and below them, in the centre of the structure, there is looser tissue, also provided by the fungus, where food and water is stored.

  • Impermeable biological membranes for water storage tanks
  • Impermeable tarps to retain soil moisture/stabilize soil in arid regions

Posted by Berta Pérez Gumà

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