11 April 2012

One organism can save the world?

One organism can save the world?

I fond it interesting how a single organism can be viewed as a solution to such big problems
This is an interesting project we're looking at in Class about Oysters being used in New York to clean up the water, by creating a coral reef. 
Architect Kate Orff explains it in this Ted talk. 


But what I found interesting is how that this video exploits the possibilities of how just the oyster can make a huge difference to global water quality. 
But the same global effect can be said for many other organisms, such as Plankton as the main oxygen giver for earth. which could be increased to convert more co2 to oxygen and offset global warming. 

And then how Mushroom can save the world, as Paul Stamets argues.

he explains it in this short video. http://blog.ted.com/2008/05/06/paul_stamets/

What I found interesting was how these three ideas all use one organism and develop the possibilities to use it to 'save the world'


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