4 April 2012

Southern elephant seal (or how to amplify sounds).

The elephant seal scientific name is Scientific name: Mirounga leonina

Elephant seals take their name from the large proboscis of the adult males (bulls) which resembles an elephant's trunk. The bull's proboscis is used in producing extraordinarily loud roaring noises, especially during the mating season when the seals gather in vast herds on the shores of California or South Atlanitc islands.
The proboscis of the mature male bulges with the combined efforts of blood, muscle and air, and amplifies his defiant bellowing at other males.

 This video shows how the sound emitted from the seals' proboscis can tower over the cries of hundreds penguins.

Applications on architecture could involve advanced acoustic system mimicking the incredible power of diffusion of sound waves this seal has and could affect in particular the medical and entertainment field.

// sara

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