9 May 2012

Anemone nemorosa

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The wood anemone uses the first sunlight that occurs in the early spring. Before the threes get their leaves which will shade the ground just a few weeks after the blooming season of the Wood anemone. The plant likes humid ground in forest, grooves and fields. It likes environments with some shadow.

The Wood anemone is a plant that grows out of a long tuber underground. One area of flowers is the same plant connected underground.
When the plant like the environment the stock connected to the tuber expands further.
The wood anemone uses photosynthesis to breathe. And drink from moist in the ground. The ecosystem provides nutrition to the soil from old leaves, dead animals etc.

The flower itself closes and curve towards the ground at nighttime. In the day the flowers are all facing the sun. When the blooming season is about to come to an end the white flowers turn purple on the outside and then the petals fall off.
The wood anemone doesn’t have a way to spread but when the fruit is mature it falls to the ground. Ants sometimes carry the fruit away and then help with the spreading of the species.

After the blooming season one single steam with three leafs grow up from the tube.
It carries a fruit that is an elliptically shaped nut with thin hair. After the fruit s mature the Wood anemone disappears above ground and lives on underground till it appears next spring. 

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