13 May 2012

Inspired by the Bombardier Beetle

µMist® Platform Technology

The μMist® spray Platform technology which is inspired by the bombardier beetle has multiple potential applications, within the automotive, aviation, space craft, medical, fire control and consumer industries – all these industries have a demonstrable need for technically advanced, low carbon impact and more environmentally friendly spray systems.

Inspired by the beetle’s controlled valve system, the µMist® innovation uses the same principles. Research teams at Cornell University and Leeds University believed the beetle’s mechanism to be essential to the firing of the vapour and liquid droplets. This led to the building of an experimental rig which builds upon the physics of the beetle system for generating high performance vapour explosions.

The University of Leeds research group investigated the physics of the bombardier beetle’s internal chamber and spray mechanism.

The beetle has the ability to generate a high frequency pulsed spray at very low injection pressures. Using computer CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) models and subsequent rig construction inspired by some of the beetle’s spray generating capabilities, in particular the valve system of the beetle, the team were inspired to develop the conceptual ideas for the design of the technically advanced, innovative and environmentally friendly µMist® spray system.

This system can be used for fuel injection within the automotive, aviation, space-craft industries as well as having the potential for many other spray applications such as drug delivery, household, products, fire control, etc.


/ Shirin

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