17 May 2012


SAVE WATER BRICK made from leaves and discarded plastic absorbs water
Providing a sensible solution to the green waste and the plastic trash, the Korean designers Jin-young Yoon and Jeongwoong Kwon have come up with their highly absorptive SAVE WATER BRICK. Their design process involves the subjection of waste through a recycling process.

The concept involves pulverization of fallen leaves and plastic that further undergoes a blending process. At any cost, it is comparatively more rational than burning the refuse as the production of these bricks doesn’t generate emissions. Not only do these bricks absorb water but also allow it pass through the waterways engraved on them. This water can be stored either underground or in tanks for future use.


1 comment:

  1. the idea is too good.please explain the blending process and the material used for blending.and also the proportion of fallen leaves and plastic.