14 May 2012

soil is grreat!


Soil, or earth, is from where we come. Knut Hamsun describes this in his book ‘Growth of the soil’ as :

“Nothing growing there? All things growing there;
men and beasts and fruit of the soil. Isak sowing
his grain. The evening sunlight falls on the grain
that flashes out in an arc from his hand, and falls
like a dropping of gold to the ground. ... Forest
and field look on. All is majesty and power - a
sequence and purpose of things”

without soil there wouldn’t be life and without life there wouldn’t be soil. Here are some interesting facts about common soil:
  • ·      A single spade full of rich garden soil contains more species of organisms than can be found above ground in the entire Amazon rain forest.
  • ·      Lichens help break rocks apart to form soil.
  • ·      Roots loosen the soil and allow oxygen to penetrate. This benefits animals living in the soil.

Soil acts a mediator between the ground and us. Proving us with everything we need, food, oxygen, shelter and medicine.

Séamus Guidera

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