6 May 2012

Some research about food...

Food is back on the agenda in pop culture and academic disciplines: TV hosts, urban planners, designers, writers, environmentalists, social activists, artists, chefs, etc. – everyone seems to be talking about it.  And they’re all saying different versions of the same thing.  In the words of writer and activist Raj Patel, “Unless you’re a corporate food executive, the food system isn’t working for you.” 
from  :  Stocking the City, by Chris DeHenzel
I have been reading through this article on Archdaily (here's the link http://www.archdaily.com/230708/stocking-the-city-a-new-archdaily-series/) about the ongoing research Chris DeHenzel (Berkeley University) will be doing on ways of food production alternative to mass production and consumption led mostly by supermarkets and multinational companies.
The article refers to many related projects, among which I found one I got particularly interested in. I am talking about Work AC’s 2008 Public Farm (PF1) project at PS1 in Queens. Here some images : 

PF1 (Public Farm One) is an urban farm concept built with inexpensive and sustainable materials recyclable after its use at , such as cardboard tubes that form a continuous surface creating multiple zones of activity including swings, fans, sound effects, innovative seating areas, and a refreshing pool at its center, as an Urban Beach.

I found this project particularly relevant for our research because of the way it deals with feedback loops, sustainable materials and social significance.

Finally a link to the video showing the actual realization of the temporary structure!

Check it out!



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