12 May 2012

ORGANIC DESIGN general information

Organic Design by Domus

"There's nothing new in saying that there are no better examples of design than a fern, a jellyfish or, to use an example treasured by modernist architects and designers, an egg. Economy and sensibility characterise nature's way of designing, and this rigorous tactic is translated into examples of disparate elegance. Nature demonstrates that beauty comes from the structure and inner purpose, and it has captivated and inspired architects, engineers, craftsmen and designers since the beginning of their existence. The study and application of the norms and forms of nature has been bundled under the label of "organic design", a broad term that embraces such diverse examples as Art Nouveau, some examples of robotics, the architectural manifestation of the ideal domestic lifestyle after World War II, and biomimetic objects produced according to sustainability principles."

This is a very interesting article about biomimicry and organic design nowadays. And how this method has been aplied to many sectors: design, fashion, architecture, technology...

# Ines Winckler

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