12 May 2012


Many of you had maybe already heard about this french festival.

It started five years ago, some architecture students had the intiative to find a site where they could build on scale one, to understand the real conditions and architect has to face during a project's contrsuction. It became a festival.

Material is the theme. Each year a material is chosen, and during one day the participants are invited to build their own shelter that will have to last 3 more days.
Palets, sand bags, inflatable architecture and now 'trash'!

After a year of collecting information and being inspired by nature and ecological projects, people will have to recreate the construction they imagined by groups of 5.
It will be next week! Can't wait to see the result.

Bringing new building solutions with the existing are one the aims of this festival. And for this natural structures have always been very helpfull!


# Ines Winckler


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